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Friday, March 8, 2024
To mark International Women's Day, the Supreme Council of the Judicial Power held a ceremony today, March 8, 2024, to recognize women judges and staff members serving within the Council. The event constituted an opportunity to acknowledge the Council's efforts to empower women in different roles and responsibilities, in line with the King’s directives.

During his address, SCJP’s Secretary General of the Council emphasized that International Women's Day served as an opportunity to reiterate the Council's dedication as a vital component of the State's constitutional framework, given the profound attention that HM King Mohammed VI, May Allah Assist Him, pays to Moroccan women, and by extension, to women judges and employees across administrative institutions, particularly those within the judiciary.

SCJP’s Secretary General also pointed out the notable representation of women judges, surpassing 26% of the total of the Kingdom’s judges, and constituting 44% of all civil servants and judges employed within the Council.

The symbolic event commemorating Women's Day, which was attended by women judges, officials, and employees of the Council, alongside some of its members, officials, and executives, concluded with handing out roses and symbolic gifts to the honored women.


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