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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
As part of the projects and initiatives outlined in the Supreme Council of the Judicial Power's Strategic Plan (2021-2026), which aim to enhance institutional communication with all stakeholders, partners, and those interested in justice by ensuring the dissemination of accurate and reliable information on the Council's activities, initiatives, and achievements, the first issue of the Judicial Power Magazine was published in May 2024.

The first issue of the magazine offers extensive information on the roles and powers of the Supreme Council of the Judicial Power and its organizational structure. This is grounded in the Kingdom's Constitution, Organic Law no. 100.13 on the Supreme Council of the Judicial Power (amended and supplemented by Organic Law no. 13.22), and Organic Law no. 106.13 on the Statute for Judges (amended and supplemented by Organic Law no. 14.22).

This issue also highlights the Council's major activities and achievements in implementing the Strategic Plan. It contains introductory sections on prominent judicial figures whose expertise, integrity, and effectiveness have profoundly impacted the history of Morocco's independent judiciary. Furthermore, the magazine includes a segment with interviews of senior officials from the CSPJ and various courts throughout the Kingdom.

The magazine also seeks to offer comprehensive information about the Council, including its administration, roles, activities, and direction. This effort aims to uphold the right to access information and foster effective communication with national institutions, justice sector stakeholders, litigants, and the general public.


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