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Monday, June 10, 2024
Mr. M’hammed Abdennabaoui, First President of the Court of Cassation and President Delegate of the Supreme Council of the Judicial Power, welcomed Mr. Javier Arévalo Vela, head of Peru’s Judiciary, along with a high-level delegation, during their working visit to our country from June 8 to 16, 2024.

During this reception, an MoU was signed to establish the general framework for cooperation and coordination between the Supreme Council of the Judicial Power in Morocco and the Judiciary in Peru. The memorandum outlines mutual obligations and tasks within their respective jurisdictions, aimed at enhancing management and coordination mechanisms. It also seeks to strengthen bilateral international cooperation through the exchange of judicial experiences by organizing conferences, study days, seminars, and bilateral or multilateral forums on topics of mutual interest, thereby bolstering collaboration between the Judiciaries of Morocco and Peru.

The MoU provides for mutual support and development of coordination procedures and strategies to combat cross-border crimes, cybercrimes, offenses against vulnerable people, electronic procedures, and specialized courts for flagrante delicto, the organization of mutual visits and high-level training courses in the judicial field to exchange expertise and improve judicial administration. Additionally, the document also aims to enhance technical cooperation in administrative and financial domains to benefit from experiences and best practices in these areas.

Both parties agreed to share experiences pertaining to the activities of various judicial bodies, judicial inspection authorities, and the independence of supreme courts. They also agreed to exchange delegations and hold consultations on current legal issues and judicial challenges of mutual interest. Additionally, they planned to adopt best practices in legal vigilance by sharing publications on judicial procedures and any updates or changes, as well as exchanging legal studies and reports.

The signing of the MoU between the Supreme Council of the Judicial of Morocco and the Judiciary of Peru aligns with the policy of constructive international cooperation led by His Majesty the King. It reflects a commitment to engage with various judicial systems and showcase Morocco's achievements in judicial independence, realized through royal will. This agreement also aims to strengthen judicial relations between Morocco and Peru, rooted in the constitutional roles of the judiciary in both countries, which ensure the protection of rights and freedoms.


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