Mr. Abdellatif CHENTOUF was appointed by His Majesty King Mohammed VI as a member of the Supreme Council of the Judicial Power on January 17, 2022, after being elected by the board of judges of First-Instance Courts.

Mr. CHENTOUF is a second-grade judge. He holds a LL. B (2003), an LL.M. (2009), and a Ph.D. (defended in 2007) from the Faculty of Legal, Economic, and Social Sciences of Rabat-Agdal. He also holds a post-graduate diploma (2007) from Dar El Hadith El Hassania in Rabat and a diploma from the Higher Institute of the judiciary in Rabat, as well as several other diplomas in management, communication, and human rights.

Mr. CHENTOUF was appointed as a judge at the First Instance Court of Taounate and then a judge at the Commercial Court of Rabat in 2014, where he comtinued to serve until his appointment at the Council.

Judge CHENTOUF has worked as a visiting professor at the Faculty of Legal, Economic, and Social Sciences of Rabat and Sale since 2012. He participated in several conferences, forums, and seminars as well as joined scientific committees as a member to work on matters related to judicial independence and its ethics inside and outside Morocco. He also coordinated meetings and workshops with national and international organizations, published legal books and articles, and took part in several legal studies.

He chaired the Moroccan Judges Club, a professional association for judges, for two terms, 2015-2021. He was involved in several associations specialized in judicial activities

He had contributions related to judicial associative activities and, in this capacity, participated in several meetings and gatherings with official institutions and civil society organizations. He was also a member of the Open Government Supervisory Committee (term 2018-2021) at the Ministry of Digital Transition and Administration Reform.