Mr. Abdelali ABBOUDI

Judge ABD ALI ABBOUDI was born on February 24, 1931, in Ghazaoua, Ouazzane. He received his primary education from his father and several Quraan scholars and then moved to Al-Qarawiyyin University in Fez. He managed to pursue his studies at Mohammed V University of Rabat, where he obtained his LL. B in Law.

Mr. ABBOUDI worked in the private education sector in 1950 and later joined the regional teacher training school in Rabat. After passing the evaluation test in 1956, he was appointed a teacher of Arabic Language, Islamic Education, and History of Morocco and Islam at Mawla Idriss High School in Fez in 1957, which he left to teach at Mawla Youssef High School in Rabat.

Mr. ABBOUDI joined the judiciary in 1962 and was appointed a judge at the Regional Court of Rabat, where he presided over the civil and criminal sessions department. He was then appointed counselor and, later on, deputy-President at the Special Court of Justice following its creation in 1965. In September 1966, Judge ABBOUDI was appointed counselor at the Court of Appeals in Rabat, where he served until August 1968.

Mr. ABBOUDI assumed several responsibilities, including President of the Regional Court of Meknes in September 1968, President of the Regional Court of Rabat in September 1971, professor at the National Institute of Judicial Studies in Rabat, member of the Royal Codification Committee at the Ministry of Justice.  In September 1972, he was appointed President of the Regional Court of Tangier. In September 1974, he was appointed first President of the Court of Appeals of Settat, where it was first established. In September 1979, he assumed the position of first President of the Court of Appeals of Tangier until his promotion to the exceptional grade at the session of 1985 of the Supreme Council of the Judiciary to become the head of the civil status and inheritance chamber and then the first chamber at the Supreme Council (Currently called “Court of Cassation”). His capacity as President of the first chamber enabled him to hold membership in the Supreme Council of the Judiciary in 1995.

From 1987 to 2010, he was assigned Ministerial Decrees to appoint heads of the committee of trainee judges’ exams. He was also entrusted with a mission at the Cabinet of His Majesty in January 1994.

Mr. ABBOUDI was decorated with the Order of Reda (contentment) of First and Excellent class in 1970, followed by the Order of the Throne of Knight, Officer, and Commander classes, and the Order of Intellectual Competence of Commander class in 2003.