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Monday, November 20, 2023
The workshop comes as part of the Court of Cassation's contribution to the execution of the 2021-2026 CSPJ's strategic plan, namely the second objective of the third strategic goal concerning the achievement of judicial security.

Coordinated by the President of the Real Estate Chamber of the Court of Cassation, the training session engaged in discussions with heads and advisors within the Chamber. The primary focus was to enhance the quality of judicial rulings and decisions rendered by the Chamber, critical indicators by which legal protection and governance are measured. The purpose of this is to address errors in judicial practices and overcome challenges that impede the justice process, ultimately contributing to the prompt resolution of disputes and building public trust in the judiciary.

The workshop focused on exploring the formal and substantive regulations governing pre-emption lawsuits within the context of Moroccan law; delving into recent trends adopted by the Court of Cassation; and examining both formal and substantive violations identified in decisions on pre-emption cases. Additionally, the workshop also examined the formal and substantive regulations enforced by the Court of Cassation on property division within the framework of the Real Rights Code.

The training program covered the examination of both formal and substantive infractions identified by the Court of Cassation in judgments related to property division. It also delved into the administrative demarcation process concerning collective lands and the resolution of disputes in real estate preservation matters, all in accordance with the established guidelines of the Court of Cassation. Additionally, the workshop addressed procedural rules related to revendication lawsuits, challenges associated with the specifics of real estate preservation, and the evidentiary aspects existing in real estate law, as per the recognized rules of the Court of Cassation.


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