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Sunday, September 10, 2023
With great sorrow and sadness, the Supreme Council of the Judicial Power followed the aftermath of the earthquake that struck several regions in Morocco on September 8, 2023.

Members and administration of the Council mourn earthquake victims and express their sympathies, praying for solace to the families of the deceased and wishing speedy recovery to the injured. They also lauded the decisions of HM the King announced during the working session He chaired on Saturday night, and decided to donate blood to contribute to the efforts of the Moroccan authorities under the sound leadership of His Majesty, may Allah Assist Him.

Along the same vein, members and high officials of the Council decided to donate their one-month salary to the Morocco Earthquake Relief Fund. They also reaffirmed their readiness to contribute to their maximum potential as necessary.

The Council also commends the initiatives taken in this regard by other judges’ associations and calls upon the Kingdom’s judges to take part in this national act of solidarity, which reflects the wonted unity and solidarity of Moroccans in the face of appalling tragedies. It also urges judicial officials to facilitate procedures for judges willing to help and organize blood donation campaigns, as well as share with the Council the list of judges wishing to donate a certain amount of their salary.

Lastly, the Supreme Council of the Judicial Power notes that donations from its members and judges will go towards the Morocco Earthquake Relief Fund set up on the high instructions of HM the King, may Allah Bless Him, to mitigate the impact of the earthquake, stated the Royal Cabinet statement yesterday.

May Allah protect our country and King, and may His Peace and Blessing be upon the victims and the injured.


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