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Monday, July 3, 2023
The second edition of the Regional Conference for the justice inspection services of South Mediterranean States kicked off in Agadir on Monday, July 03, 2023, in close collaboration with the European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice (CEPEJ), the European Network of Justice Inspection Services (RESIJ), and the Supreme Council of the Judicial Power (CSPJ) of the Kingdom of Morocco, under the theme “Towards the Consolidation of the South Mediterranean Network of Justice Inspection Services”.

Speaking on the occasion, CSPJ President Delegate, Mr. M’hammed Abdenabaoui, reviewed success indicators of the conference’s first edition organized on May 11-12, 2023, in Casablanca, which resulted in the creation of a network of justice inspection services of South Mediterranean Arab countries under the chairmanship of the Kingdom of Morrocco. The conference provided an opportunity for participating countries to demonstrate their experience in the field of justice inspection and best practices, as well as their projects to improve and modernize practice in light of the developments taking place in the world. The event was also an opportunity to explore new horizons for cooperation between participating countries in this field, exchange experiences, and learn from best practices.

The President Delegate stressed that the organizational and institutional frameworks call for the importance of valorizing past results produced by the first edition, and invited participants to look for ways to strengthen the network and attribute to it a practical dimension that precedes protocol meetings. The purpose of this endeavor is to make it a real mechanism to strengthen the state of rights, law, and institutions, unifying working methods of member states and providing a real space for permanent and continuous thinking in order to find the best formulas and develop perceptions. The latter elevates justice inspection services, promotes their roles and position in the justice system, and collaborates with similar networks and relevant international and regional bodies and organizations to develop partnerships and organize joint activities to provide training workshops for judicial inspection services.

For his part, CSPJ Inspector General of Judicial Affairs, Mr. Hamoud Abdellah, underlined the content of the draft charter of the network of justice inspection services of South Mediterranean Arab countries, currently awaiting ratification at the sidelines of the conference. The charter stipulates that member states should be represented by the heads of their justice services or their designates, that the network shall have a virtual headquarters, and that it shall have a website supervised by the standing secretary in coordination with the presidential administration.

Mr. Hamoud added that the draft charter determines the objectives of the network, which are aimed at developing justice inspection services of member states, increasing their efficiency and effectiveness, and enhancing the performance of their staff by organizing regular meetings for these services, so as to boost the efficiency of justice services of member states, exchange information, relay expertise and experiences inter se, and benefit from best practices.

Along the same vein, the Inspector General stated that the network strives to establish communication and cooperation relations between justice services of member states, cultivate a space for debate and dialogue, shape perspectives on the independence of justice services, promote their roles to improve practice while taking into consideration the peculiarity of justice services of member states, and organize workshops for justice services’ workforce to enable them to improve their cognitive capacities. The network shall also keep abreast of the novelties of the judicial inspection field, learn from the best practices of different countries, conclude partnerships with similar bodies or networks to achieve the above-mentioned goals and objectives, and conduct studies on inspection systems of the network’s member states and beyond.

The two-day event discussed judicial inspection cases and provided a platform for sharing visions and exchanging experiences and best practices amongst the participating justice services. There was also a discussion about several organizational matters relevant to the justice inspection services of South Mediterranean States that took place on the sidelines of the conference.


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