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Sunday, June 4, 2023
The President Delegate of the Supreme Council of the Judicial Power received Wednesday, May 31, 2023, presidents and board members of certain judges’ professional associations. The associations in question are: the Association of the League of Judges of Morocco, the Moroccan Association of Women Judges, and the Association of Judges of Morocco, following the renewal of their offices.

The President Delegate also received on Thursday, June 01, 2023, the President and board members of the Moroccan branch of the International Association of Women Judges, which has just organized the 16th edition of its International Conference in Marrakech, from May 11 to 14.

These meetings were an opportunity for the President Delegate of the Supreme Council of the Judicial Power to congratulate the presidents and members of the aforementioned associations on their election by their fellow judges to chair their associative bodies. The President Delegate also congratulated Ms. Segurati Amina on her election as President of the International Association of Women Judges, whose members include women judges from 143 countries.

The President Delegate urged judges taking part in these meetings to encourage their colleagues within the associations they represent, to engage in the reform projects that the Council is carrying out under the sound directive of HM the King, may Allah assist him. He also urged them to contribute to the measures deployed by the Council which aim to moralize the legal profession and provide them with guidance in this respect, as well as participate in the training and skill-building programs for judges that the Council seeks to implement.

The President Delegate also underlined the great importance the Council attaches to the participation of judges’ professional associations in the elaboration of strategic axes, given that the current phase is opportune for the supervision of judges’ associative activity.

Along the same vein, the President Delegate also called on judicial associations to participate in the establishment of a deontological framework for associative practice that would take into account constitutional provisions, the law, the Code of Ethics, and judicial customs and habits, reaffirming the concern of the Supreme Council of the Judicial Power to protect the constitutional rights of judges, namely the practice of associative activities and membership of professional associations of judges, with the same diligence with which it ensures their observance to the obligations imposed on them by the law.

Mr. Ghazali Ahmed, head of the Committee in charge of communication with Judges’ associations and a member of the Supreme Council of the Judicial Power, took part in these meetings.


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